Working with Couples as a Couple

wedding_018I guess you can say that Dan and I are unique in the financial advisor world. There are not many married couples who work together as financial advisors.

Is being a married couple and financial advisors beneficial to our married clients?   

The ability to communicate in a marriage is one of the most important aspects to a successful relationship. As we have been married and have experienced the different phases in a relationship, we have learned the key component to success is to keep the lines of communication open.

It reminds me of Pre Cana classes that Dan and I had to take before being married in the Catholic Church. The premise of Pre Cana is to prepare the couple for the sacrament of marriage and all that goes with it. As we arrived for the classes with ten other young couples, we were confident that we were prepared for our future marriage.

But it was clear that some of the major decisions in a marriage were never discussed with some couples. The ability to communicate your wants and needs is sometimes difficult. Before heading down the aisle, it is important to discuss your expectations of your future, including where to live and how you envision your family life. And your financial goals should also be part of the discussion.

Dealing with couples as a couple allows us to address the concerns that often arise with finances. And keeping the lines of communication open is a key component to having success with a financial plan.

Realizing that each partner comes with their own deeply rooted feelings about money and finances can be difficult. There needs to be understanding and compromise between the couple. In addition, both parties need to allow each other to voice their concerns and hopes for the future.

As a married couple we have many of the same issues arise that our clients do. Learning how to navigate these issues in our own marriage has given us a unique understanding to the struggles of our clients. And hopefully, our understanding, guidance and compassion have made us better financial advisors.

So give us a call to help guide you on your financial planning.

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