Work Freedom Anyone? Power of Entrepreneurship

In what is nearly unthinkable today, my wife and I got married a year out of college.  We moved into an apartment in Manhattan while both of us worked in financial jobs at Chase Manhattan Bank and MetLife.  We lived in beautiful Stuyvesant Town on the eastside for the unbelievable monthly rent of $480 a month for a one bedroom apartment.  Living in NYC also allowed me to pursue my M.B.A. at night at Fordham University.

Our first child Kathryn was born in Manhattan where we raised her for a couple of years until Maureen was expecting our daughter Julianne and we decided to move to Bergen County, New Jersey in 1991. New Jersey was not our original choice as we both grew up on Long Island.  But as luck would have it, the real estate cycle was at its peak causing high prices  and so we moved into a townhouse that we could afford  (it is hard to even remember the days of high real estate prices as we sit at the bottom of yet another cycle).   We have been in Bergen County for 20 years and have been pleased that we ended up here ever since.

During this time, I worked for Chase Manhattan Bank in various corporate positions and eventually ended my corporate career as a bond analyst for Standard & Poor’s (S&P).  Then in 1996, I was given the opportunity to become the business manager for a budding star – Rosie O’Donnell.  It presented the opportunity for me to get closer to helping individuals with their financial problems and do so in a more intimate way.  It also set the path for me to work as my own boss and become an entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals by providing guidance and expertise on the multitude of financials issues that they face in chasing their goals.

Over the next decade, I was able to develop my planning skills further as I dealt with her rising stardom.  The personal challenges of her amassing wealth quickly helped me rapidly get up to speed on the multitude of advanced planning needs.  The benefits of working with many specific professionals as a unit became apparent as I worked with her trust and estate attorney, corporate attorney, tax accountant, agent and other professionals to ensure her businesses, as well as her personal affairs, were taken care of.  In addition, her charitable inclinations led her to start her own charity which helped me develop an understanding of the challenges and benefits of starting or funding a charity.

This experience helped me quickly grow to be able to provide the same expertise to other entrepreneurs who also have to deal with complex issues as they pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.  I use these skills to help my entrepreneurial clients in various industries in which they work.  Their entrepreneurial businesses may not be as nationally known as my first talk show client, but their goals are just as important to them and their loved ones.  I take pride in helping them achieve their goals from the businesses that they created.

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