Will Your Money Last As Long As You Do

AutumnYears Best CoverDan and I are happy to be contributing to a new magazine in Bergen County focusing on inspiring and informing members of the sixty-plus generation.  We will be writing our column on financial planning to help people focus on the things that matter to them and that they can control.  This issue we discuss how to plan for a possible 30 year retirement and making sure that your money will last as long as you do.

Autumn Years is a quarterly regional magazine that will feature articles that showcase personal accomplishments, experiences and rediscoveries, and includes such topics as finances, travel, fashion, health and fitness, technology and cultural activities. Because Autumn Years is geared specifically to residents of Bergen County, New Jersey, it is able to deliver highly relevant, readily available and timely information that directly pertains to the lives of its readership.


Click here for the article:      AY Fall 2014 Will Your Money Last As Long As You Do

Our next magazine article will focus on investors behavior that is the key element to achieving investors success after the initial plan is in place.


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