Why You Should be Optimistic about the Future?

Optimism in the future.  That is one of our three principles that we follow here at Crimmins Wealth Management, LLC.  Without the belief that 1) the world continues to get better and 2) that improvement will benefit those who are owners of companies,  it is hard to be an investor.  However any rational look of what has occurred in the world over the last 75 years – and what will happen over the next 75 years – leads one only to be optimistic.

With optimism, an individual can become a long-term investor who seeks to become an owner of the great companies in the U.S. and in the world who will benefit from the tens of thousands who are currently leaving and will be soon leaving poverty in all parts of the world.

Hans Rosling is a professor in Europe who has stated he had a hard time getting his students to understand the implosion of health that is overcoming the world which has led to millions being transformed from poverty into wealth.  So he has taken the complexity of data and turned it into a visual 3-D video.

It has been said that in Hans Rosling’s hands, data sings. Global trends in health and economics come to vivid life. And the big picture of global development—with some surprisingly good news—snaps into sharp focus.

View this 4 minute video to see the root of our optimism.  It also explains why we invest in overseas markets as well, but that is for another post. Click on the button to begin the video.

Hans Rosling Video

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