What can you create?

Have you ever gone to a museum and stared at a painting and wondered how the artist created it?  How they were able to envision the piece and how many changes that they may have made before the art was completed?

It would be wonderful to have such a talent to be able to create such a beautiful piece of art.  ThenLe Jour ni l’Heure 5794 : Claude Monet, 1840-1926, Régates à Argenteuil, c. 1872, musée d’Orsay, Paris, jeudi 14 mai 2015, 21:07:57 I started thinking about what is it that I have created?

To create:  verb

To bring something into existence (synonyms:  produce, generate, build, construct)

To cause something to happen as a result of one’s actions (synonyms: cause, produce, and contribute to)

I use to think that in order to create something you had to be an artist.  The people who were able to paint a picture, build an object, or write a book and who had the freedom and talent to follow their dreams.

But, the ability to create something goes far beyond the artist.  Or phrased a different way, maybe we are all artists.  We all bring things into existence and we all cause something to happen as a result of our actions.  We are constantly creating without thinking too much about it.

The life that we each lead has been created by us.  And our actions or decisions in this life are directly correlated to the life that we lead.

This includes your financial life.  You create or construct a plan in order to enjoy an end result, whether it is planning for college, buying a home or planning your retirement.  And because of your actions or decisions, this allows you to create a future that you choose.  This plan is unique to you, with your goals and needs taken into account.

We might not all be able to produce a beautiful piece of art, but we can and do create our own path. And preparing for the future enables us the freedom to go on and follow our personal dreams.  Whether that means taking an art class, building something, or writing a book.

Be proud of all the things that you have created!

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