Welcome to Roots of Wealth!

We are here to help ease your retirement worries and allow you to focus on the things that matter to you. 

We all tend to worry about different things in life. Whether it is about health, work, family or a relationship, taking the worry out of life seems impossible.

Planning for your retirement should not add to your list of worries and increase your everyday stress.  Let us work with you and reduce the stress of planning for your retirement.

Retirement means different things for each of us.  And for some, there is a component of uncertainty. For most, the concern is on how to provide income to support your lifestyle throughout your retirement.

At Crimmins Wealth Management, we focus our attention on your individual concerns to allow you to retire without worrying about running out of money.  We will help you clarify your possibilities, provide our insights in how to accomplish these without added stress, and work with you as a partner as we move towards and through your retirement.

Explore the joy of a stress-free retirement!  Come in, discuss and discover how we can help you ensure that you will not outlive your money while maintaining the lifestyle you desire. 

Welcome to the Roots of Wealth Blog!  We are New Jersey based fee-only independent Financial Advisors.



About Dan Crimmins

Dan Crimmins, co-founder of Crimmins Wealth Management, is a financial coach and fee only financial planner. Have a financial question? ASK DAN


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  1. Tim O'Brien October 31, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    This is a GREAT blog —– reader friendly, with an attractive format and great content! This effort reflects well on the quality of the advice and service you provide to your clients. Many congratulations!

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