The Middle Child of Nine

I grew up on Long Island’s South Shore-the fourth child of nine. I always state that my experience growing up with five sisters prepared me for my current household of my wife, three daughters and – on top of that a female dog – named Taxi. Growing up in a Catholic area and attending the local parochial school in Bellmore, NY, St. Barnabas, it was not unusual to have large families of six or seven children. Spending time with my family has – and will always be – something I enjoy.

However, while attending Providence College, I developed a better understanding of how unusual it was. I met my wife Maureen while attending Providence College and I always tell the story of how she was bragging at a party one night that she came from a large family. A family with five children. I quickly put her in place regarding the definition of a so-called large family.

The Brady BunchI have always appreciated my parents’ perseverance in raising the nine of us to be productive on our own rights. They let each of us grow as individuals which is apparent when you meet the nine very distinct personalities. It was their discipline and patience that allowed for that to occur. It helps me better understand and provide perspective to the modern-day families with all their complexities and challenges.

Education was always a priority for my parents. The hard work of my dad and the diligence of my mom allowed for them to be able to plan for and provide all of us with the education that we needed. Thus, I am always grateful to be able to help my clients provide for their children’s education in whatever capacity that might be. The challenges of the modern education requires even more planning than was required when a college summer job could actually make a dent in some of the expenses. Helping to show parents how this can be possible is always a joy.

I was fortunate enough to be able to indulge my insatiable appetite for athletics as I grew up. I remember fondly some of my great football coaches as well as my dad coaching my baseball teams. They had a great ability to teach and educate in the way that inspired positive action. I tried to emulate their coaching style with my multiple sports teams that I had the pleasure to coach through the years. The concept of a team working to accomplish an objective has stayed with me from those early Pop Warner football days. I believe that is why I enjoy working with my clients as a unit and take great pride when they are able to accomplish filling their dreams and goals.

So I will always enjoy dealing with families, especially the parents who are concerned about leaving a legacy. People who are concerned about leaving a legacy believe they are the stewards of the money and should only take what they need in order to be able to pass down the assets, for not only their children’s benefit, but hopefully, multiple generations to come. With that mindset, unbelievable riches are possible. My parents have a saying that is hanging in their kitchen which sums it up: “All of this just because 2 people fell in love”.

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  1. Roger Kenny June 19, 2012 at 5:28 pm #


    I had one sister.You were five times blessed!!


    • Dan Crimmins June 20, 2012 at 3:45 pm #


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