The Magical World of Retirement


Planning for retirement

I can say that all of these choices make for an exhilarating and sometimes exhausting vacation which lasts well past the 6 days of vacation time.  The payoff is well worth all of the hard and overwhelming decisions that were made.  The vacation always ends with fond memories captured in photos and precious family time which are priceless. 

In some ways, retirement reminds me of a trip to Disney.  The planning that needs to be made for retirement is sometimes overwhelming and exhausting, but decisions that are made in advance will make for a successful journey.  Where are you planning on living, how much money will be needed, what amount needs to be saved to ensure that you will enjoy your retirement, and when would you like to retire?  There are many more decisions that need to be addressed, but if you plan it out ahead of time, the payoff is priceless. 

After the last school break, I ran into a friend who told me she had the worst family vacation at Disneyworld! (Of course, I was rendered speechless.)  She stated that she couldn’t get into any restaurants she wanted, the lines were too long on their preferred rides and the Magical Parade wasn’t occurring on the day they attended the Magic Kingdom. “But, didn’t you plan ahead,” I responded.  She had thought she would figure it out when she got there.  Of course her trip was unsuccessful.   Disney World (and Retirement) needs advance planning.  And when done correctly, it can be the most magical place on earth!











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