The “Idiot-Maker” Rally

As newspaper headlines now scream forth with stories and statements that the stock market has reached levels above the previous highs set before the great recession of 2008-2009, I think back to what investors had to endure to have remained invested during this time.   For numerous “experts” have been warning investors that the rally from a Dow 6,500 to its current level of above 14,000 could not happen.  This is an all-to-predictable occurrence and staying invested is the only way investors benefit from stock ownership.

Today's headlinesThe attached link to a Business Insider article shows some of the so-called experts and their predictions on the fate of the stock market over the last 4 years.  Notice under their quotes,  the level of the Dow at the time of their prediction and where the Dow now stands.   I think this is worth reviewing and remembering, because as investors, you will be subjected to more of these type of predictions as your investment years unfold.  

Because with this group, being wrong does not seem to faze them.  So remember to stay focused on the long-term and the historic understanding that the stock markets have always had temporary declines and permanent increases.  

Click the silver button below to access the article from Matthew Boesler – “The Idiot-Maker Rally: Check out all the gurus that have been made to look like fools by this market.

The Idiot-Maker Rally



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