The Decisions We Make

Every day begins with the task of decision-making. Some are such small and insignificant decisions, such as getting up early to go to the gym or what to wear to work. These decisions have minor consequences, while other decisions are more difficult to make and have long-lasting results.

As I reflect on my life, there are many things that have impacted my life and impacted how I have gotten to where I am today.  Falling in love and deciding to marry Dan was an easy decision.  But there have been many decisions, both large and small, that aren’t as easy.

We have been fortunate that some of the major decisions that we made have been a blessing to our family, such as when to move out of New York City to New Jersey when we were 25 years old, and the move from a town house in Mahwah to our current home in Allendale 22 years ago. At the time, these decisions were a major transition for Dan and I, as well as our children.  It was a bit scary and exciting, but seemed like a natural progression in our lives.

Other decisions relating to careers and finances weren’t that obvious.

However, it seems obvious now that the major issue was in making a decision at all.  The fear of being wrong (or not having the outcome that you hope for) can render us inactive. Being stuck due to the fear that the decision is too difficult or scary can result in having problems that you had not anticipated.  In most instances, not making a decision could be the very worst decision that you could make.

Financial decisions can be one of the most difficult to make and easy to postpone.  But being inactive in your financial planning can have major consequences.   And the inability to have an established plan can cause more anxiety than the planning itself.

Being in charge of your own path is empowering.  Taking charge of your finances and the decisions that go with that can aid you for your future. You are never too young or too old to take control and make those decisions that need to be made and establish a path for your financial well-being.

Planning and decision-making is easier with a financial advisor who can help with your fears and concerns.

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