Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Growing up in the tri-state area is beneficial for many reasons and one in particular is the ability to attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.  The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been around for over eighty years and I have been fortunate to have attended several times in my life.

This year’s lineup of balloons include many children (and adult) favorites such as Paddington Bear, Thomas the Tank Engine, Spider Man, Buzz Lightyear and my favorite Snoopy.  Each year there are different balloons with some additions and subtractions from the previous year.  Of course there are some that will always remain including the arrival of Santa’s Sleigh at the end of the parade.   The 87th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

It reminds me of Thanksgiving dinner.  The turkey is the obvious highlight with stuffing and mashed potatoes.  But it is always a great idea to try something new for the meal. And this year we will have a house filled with Crimmins’ bringing some of their favorite dishes to share!  Hopefully the crowd brings some delicious dessert as well!!


And as always, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all those things that you are grateful for:


I am grateful for having my three daughters home to celebrate family time and each other, and for sharing our home with Grandma, siblings and their spouses, nieces and nephews. 

I am grateful for the holiday season and Christmas trees, fun parties with friends and family and Santa! 

I am grateful for the health of my friends and family and for the support that we show each other. 

I am grateful for the joy and laughter in a good family movie. Hopefully we can see the Peanuts movie together! 

I am grateful for my dog Taxi- for bringing such joy to all of us. 

I am grateful for a good book, quiet time and a warm fire. 

And last but not least, I am grateful for apple pie. 


Enjoy the day with your family and Happy Thanksgiving!


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