Sunshine Here I Come

The holidays are over and the New Year has begun.  This time of year can be difficult for many of us as the cold and snow cause an overwhelming feeling to hibernate.  There are a minority of people who embrace the winter days and nights with excitement and enthusiasm, from skiing and sledding to cozy nights by the fire.  I instead dream of being in the warm sunshine with a cold drink in my hand.

There are always places to go to get a reprieve from the harshness of the bitter cold.  I remember one particular snowy winter where I headed into a travel agent and demanded to know how I could take our young family to a warm location for February break.  We headed to an all-inclusive in St. Thomas and spent a few glorious days swimming and sunning on the warm sandy beaches.  It was so worth it!

So as I sit here daydreaming of the warm sun and travel possibilities, I thought I would research some of the best places to head for some sunshine and pina coladas! And considering the ease of travel within the United States, I narrowed my search to the marvelous 50 states.

  • Miami, Florida Easy to get to for those of us on the east coast, Miami has average temperatures of 76.4 degrees F in the month of January (the highest in the continental US).  It also has the warmest ocean temperature of 71.  The beaches are beautiful and the nightlife and restaurants are plentiful.
  • Maui, Hawaii With average temperatures in the 80’s, Maui will keep you warm and relaxed.  Many  airlines now offer a few direct flights from the New York area and although the flight is long, the payoff is worth it.  One of the most beautiful places on earth, Hawaii offers wonderful sites and welcoming locals.
  • Scottsdale, Arizona With temperatures in the mid 70’s, Scottsdale provides sun and fun for all ages. If you like to golf, you in luck as the state’s best courses are located in Scottsdale.  The town in also known for it’s artsy vibe with art galleries, local crafts and food markets.
  • Palm Springs, California The desert resort location is not only warm, it is affordable with many boutique hotels offering great deals. The scenery is breathtaking and the food scene has exploded with many new options.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana The best food, jazz music and delightful party atmosphere, New Orleans is a city for all. The Mardi Gras festival begins on January 6th with Fat Tuesday occurring on February 13th.  The average temperature is  in the 60’s, a bit cooler than other locations but a nice break from the snowy cold in our area.

Pack your suits and sunscreen and select one of these warm spots for a vacation.  Your body and mind will be all the better for it!  And for those of us who can’t get away, keep dreaming warm thoughts and pina coladas!!

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