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We have been blessed with three beautiful, strong and unique daughters.  As a parent, I have tried to encourage them to find the things that bring them joy. And each daughter has excelled in different activities throughout their childhood.  My youngest daughter Elizabeth has loved the game of soccer since she was four years old.  Looking for things to do when her older sisters were in school, I signed her up to play pre-school soccer at the Wyckoff Y in New Jersey.  I did not know that the pre-school soccer was co-ed and little Elizabeth took to the field with 10 little four year old boys. Needless to say, this was her beginning to the wonderful world of soccer and her love of the sport has grown ever since then.

Goal!Every year at the beginning of spring, Elizabeth and I would head to our favorite soccer store in Ramsey, New Jersey (Eskis Sports) and gear up for the new season.  When she was eight years old, she was getting sized for a new pair of cleats and had an abundant amount of choices.  There are cleats in different colors and with different laces and she always looked forward to choosing the perfect pair.  On this particular occasion, she had decided on a black pair of cleats with pink laces.  I asked her “Can you score a goal in these”? And she quickly responded with a chuckle “Of course”!  Another mother was patiently waiting and gave me a quizzical look. As if that was not the appropriate question to ask an eight year old.  But, Elizabeth had understood.   The cleats were not magical and just putting them on would not ensure a goal.  It was about being prepared; having the perfect cleats for her and having her feel confident that she could play well with them.  The hours of practice and the love of the game is what brought her joy, and thus, she had the confidence to achieve success on the soccer field.

There is something to be said about being prepared and the ability to achieve your goals. Your financial goals can be successfully achieved if you are well prepared and confident in your financial plan.  By ensuring that you have set a plan and stay with that plan, your retirement goals will be successful.  Just like Elizabeth on the soccer field, you too can score a goal!

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