Role Models for Our Daughters

Raising daughters is difficult. And it seems to be getting even more difficult. The culture today sends messages to our daughters that are extremely conflicting.

Beyoncé is an example of a strong female role model, or so I used to believe. Her lyrics were empowering (“If I Were A Boy”, as an example), and her fame and popularity were awarded due to her hard work and dedication.

But with the new release of her album, she has decided to go the way of a desperate performer. Collaborating with her rapper husband, Jay Z, with degrading and sleazy lyrics, all performed in music videos while being barely dressed.

Business advice to young women from successful business womenWhy would a woman with superstar status choose to portray herself in such a degrading way? And is the message that being sexual is the most important quality for a woman?

Where are the real role models for our daughters? And how do we empower and educate our daughters to realize there is so much more for them in this world?

So I did a little research to find some real role models in the business and finance world that have proven that hard work and dedication are the keys to achieving true success. The following are some impressive women and their advice for all of us.

Sheryl Sandberg – COO of Facebook and author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

The time is long overdue to encourage more women to dream the impossible dream.

Margaret M. Keane – CEO and President of GE Capital Retail Finance

In times of transition, people are looking at the top asking, ‘Are they confident?’ It became apparent to me that even just physically how I came to work—if I was smiling, if I held my head up high—people would notice.

Stacy Bash-Polley – Partner and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs

When something gets under my skin—and this goes for personal and business situations—I refuse to let myself react right away. No email reply, no phone call, no face to face…nothing for 24 hours, or at least until I’ve got a handle on my emotions.

Andrea Moss – CEO and President of American Express Centurion Bank

As a wife and mother of five, with a demanding career and active religious and civic responsibilities, each day is filled to the brim. I have set some foundational priorities that keep me grounded and remind me of what I am not willing to sacrifice.

Nicole S. Arnaboldi – Vice Chairman of Asset Management, Credit Suisse

Strive for success in your job, but also try to find time to do something you’re passionate about apart from your work. Whether it’s starting a family, serving on a not-for-profit board or pursuing a sport, it will give you perspective and be very rewarding.

Elizabeth Robinson – Treasurer of Goldman Sachs

There aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Therefore, it is critical to prioritize ruthlessly in both your job and your personal life to protect what is most important to you. Pick your battles thoughtfully and stick to your guns.

Words of wisdom from some of the best women in the field of business and finance!

Find the industry or field that your daughter envisions for her future, and expose her to those women who share her passion. Choose the role models that are fitting for your daughter and watch her soar!

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