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Facebook is universally known to all and is a great invention in sharing your world with others. As it began, the younger generation used it to show the world and their circle of friends what and where they have been. But as time has gone by, all generations have begun to use Facebook for many different reasons.


Of course, the main reason is to share your pictures and connect with people that you may have lost contact with. However, in the past few months I have encountered another useful tool for Facebook users.

The ability to share information and ask for help from your connections has become an advantageous service for Facebook users. The ability to ask for a reference for whatever your need is has become a great service to the individual as well as the valued company. Many services have been request with a simple question such as “Does anyone know a good pediatrician that they would recommend” or “I need help with my gutters…Anyone know of a reliable company?”

As these requests have become more frequent, it is interesting to see how many people are willing to provide information on the services that they have received. The responses are mostly positive but occasionally there will be a response of who not to use and why. Someone’s bad experience is equally as beneficial and may have saved you from some unfortunate results.

At Crimmins Wealth Management, we are always looking to add new clients and develop a working relationship with those that we value the most…our existing clients and their family and friends. What better way to expand our services than to those who we have had a relationship with and who understand the services that we provide.

Our greatest value is helping people clarify what they are trying to accomplish with their lives. The issues usually deal with such topics as: helping and protecting your family, enjoying and protecting your lifestyle, creating financial comfort and building a legacy.

We will help clarify what these issues mean to you and clarify your personal goals. Once this is achieved, we provide our insights on how others with similar objectives were able to have success. We do this by establishing a plan to accomplish your specific desires – the life you envision. As such, we work as your coach to help you achieve the long-term investment returns that will be needed to achieve most of your goals; the returns that most people fail to achieve due to their own behavior.

We accomplish this by working as partners in an ongoing, long-term partnership to ensure that your actions are consistent with the plan that was designed. This reduces the stress and worry often associated with the planning process. We provide the insight and guidance necessary to achieve these benefits while creating a peace of mind that you are controlling the things that you can control. We develop the portfolio that will generate the returns necessary to provide income to accomplish your desired life.

We bring the insight and knowledge necessary to help you have the courage to stay disciplined and patient, allowing the plan to develop over time. Working with our experience and guidance, we will “coach you up” to relate your money to life.

Some of the services that we provide for our clients include: investment portfolio planning, retirement planning, IRA investing, college planning, estate and trust review, tax management strategies, small 401k plans and insurance overview.

What better way to say that you are happy with the service and relationship than to recommend us to your friends and contacts.

So refer away….we would love to hear from your friends and family!

And if you are not a client and have any questions that we may help with, just give us a call. We would be happy to help!

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