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Well we have finally made it to the 21st century.  We have added a video to our website and our new You Tube Channel – Roots of Wealth.  The 2 minute video describes what we do for our clients.  The purpose of the video is to help interested parties – such as clients and colleagues – answer the question: “What does Crimmins Wealth Management do for you?”   It will also help prospects and visitors to our website view  –  rather than read – what we do.

We describe our services as a fee only independent financial planner in Bergen County NJ, but the video goes into how we accomplish helping our clients.

We will leave it on the first page of our website and add other videos as time marches on.  For now, you can view it by clicking on the silver link below.  Enjoy my first Hollywood moment!

Dan Crimmins Video


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About Dan Crimmins

Dan Crimmins, co-founder of Crimmins Wealth Management, is a financial coach and fee only financial planner. Have a financial question? ASK DAN


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