Lessons from Working at McDonald’s!

McDonald'sAccording to company estimates, one in every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald’s.

The list includes Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, Rachel McAdams, Pink and me!

My first job was the hostess at my local McDonald’s in Commack, NY. (You never realized that McDonald’s had a hostess?) I handled all of the kid’s activities including birthday parties.  Every child at the party had a hamburger, french fries and soda and we played games including pin the tail on the donkey!  There was a special Ronald McDonald cake (which was delicious) and the hostess hopefully received a tip.  Not bad when you were making minimum wage!

I think back fondly to that first job and what it taught me about work, finances and life at the age of 16.

I thought I would write down some lessons I learned from my time as hostess at McDonald’s:

  • Be on time. When you are punching a time clock, you better make sure that you are not late.  Time is money.
  • Be flexible. If they need you for an additional shift, say yes.  Not only do you get more hours, but when you need to switch a shift, they will remember and help you out.
  • Be responsible with your money. When you start to earn your own, you think about your needs and wants a bit differently.  Think before you spend.
  • Hard work pays off. If you put the effort in, you get noticed.  If you think the manager has a favorite, it is because that person makes his job easier.  Be the person who gets noticed.
  • Be friendly. Customer service is not underrated.  Smile and get rewarded.
  • Consistency is a key component to a successful venture. You always know what you are getting at McDonald’s, no matter which franchise you happen to go to.  Knowing your product is crucial to a successful company.
  • Getting paid is a great feeling.  I remember cashing my check after the week and feeling quite accomplished.  That lesson is one that lasts a lifetime.  Be proud of your hard work.

I have fond memories of my first job and the lessons that I learned which have helped make me who I am today.

Learning to work hard and reap the benefits is a lesson for all of us. And learning how to be financially responsible is priceless.  Hopefully the next generations will learn the same lessons.

(P.S.  McDonald’s still has the best French fries!!)

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