How the Washing Machine Changed the World

This video post deals with the ever-improving world as told in a TED talk by Hans Rosling.  We posted this piece by Hans in 2014, and wanted to run it again to honor Hans as he passed away this month.  Hans Rosling was a Swedish doctor who transformed himself into a pop-star statistician by converting dry numbers into dynamic graphics that challenged preconceptions about global health and population growth. He was 68 when he died February 7, 2017 in Sweden from pancreatic cancer.

In the video post below, Hans discussed his personal experience of his family purchasing a washing machine and the immediate improvement to the lives of his mother and him.

He discussed how these improvements unleashed the women of the world allowing them the free time necessary to focus on their education which in turn helped better educate their children.  All from the emergence of the washing machine?

 Yes – watch it to be inspired.  And better yet – be inspired by what the future technology will bring for all of us in the world.

Jasper And The Washing MachineWe highlighted another talk that Hans gave on the improving health around the world.  Click on the link to see this post and be able to view the video.   Worldwide Health Improvement

Both of these insights lead us to the same conclusion as investors.  You need to be invested in the great companies of the U.S. and the world who will be the beneficiaries of this tremendous trend for the human race.

As the various debates in Washington heat up, hopefully these videos and their insights will help you maintain the correct long-term focus for your future.

Click on the silver button below to begin his 11 minute talk. You will be glad you did.

How the Magic of the Washing Machine Changed the World

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