Highs and Lows and How to React

rollercoasters photoThe smoother things go, the more you take things for granted.  It seems that if things were always positive, you might not realize that you need to take a moment and appreciate what you have.

When one of my daughters were in the fifth grade, she was having one of those years where everything seemed to go her way.  “Perfect”, you might think from a parent’s point of view.  I mean who doesn’t want for good things to happen for their child. But I knew that life doesn’t always go your way.  And learning and understanding that is an important part of the journey, especially when you are young.

If you never have to learn how to react when things are not going your way, your reactions might not be appropriate.  You may over react,  or be at a loss of what to do.  Learning is key to the journey and life has all kinds of ups and downs.

Being stagnant isn’t recommended either.  If things continue to be the same day in and day out, you might not take the time to experience all of the highs and lows of life.  And sometimes the lows give you a moment of realization that the highs will come and be even better than expected.

Its like investing.  You need to have the highs and lows of the market to achieve your goals.  The market is never flat and always moving.  The trick is to stay focused on your plan and not to panic.  History has proven that the market continues on the journey of ups and downs with the end result of increasing over time.  Being patient and not over reacting to the lows is key to having a successful journey.

Let’s not forget that the lows are beneficial to the purchasing of stocks while on “sale”.  The motto “buy low and sell high” comes to mind.  What better way to increase the profits of your portfolio than rebalancing when the market is on “sale”?  The more shares you can purchase the better for your long-term goals.

Keeping focused on the long-term in life and enjoy the ups and downs. Even with your investment portfolio.

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