Here Comes the Sun! Early Retirement Thoughts

It’s winter in New Jersey. And that means that it is cold …very cold.  When I used to hear about how everyone went to Florida in the winter, I thought that was crazy.  Miss all of the beautiful snow and cold fresh air. As I have gotten older, I get it.  Yes the snow is pretty…..until you have to shovel.  And then it is not so pretty.  The cold is starting to get to me and the thought of warm sunshine is very appealing.  My in laws are planning their trip to Florida in a few weeks and I have to admit I am a bit jealous.  The thought of a stress free winter with the ability to go outside without the puffy coat and thick gloves is quite appealing.  I think it might be time to reassess my retirement plans.
Two wooden chairs on the beach at sunsetMy thought of retirement never included the weather.  I know for some that the beaches and golfing are the utmost of importance.  But for me, the thought of warm weather and beaches never really entered my mind.  I have thought about moving to the city and enjoying the quick pace of crowds.  The city – that never sleeps – with all that has to offer.  But maybe I am thinking of the last time that I lived in NYC….when I was 26 years old and I could keep up with the quick pace.  Maybe, as I advance in age, I should reconsider.  The sunshine is beckoning.  And with that thought, planning is a necessity.
The privilege of  joining the mass exodus leaving New Jersey and New York  and going south in the winter maybe something that I should plan for and with that need, a retirement plan is of the utmost importance.  The ability to change your mind and alter your plans is something that should be included in your plan.  Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball.  And you need to be flexible.
So, maybe a month in the warm weather is something that I will incorporate into my retirement planning.
What will you need to incorporate into your retirement plan?
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