Happy Valentines Day- to ME!

This year is very special to both Dan and I as it is our fiftieth year on earth!  As this milestone is fast approaching, it gives us time to reflect on a lot of things in our life.  The symbolic year has many of us celebrating in a number of different ways – parties, trips and large purchases.  Since we celebrated our 40th birthday with a barbeque with great friends and family, we decided to go a different route and plan a grand trip.  We are currently planning a trip to Rome (where we have never been) and looking forward to celebrating with wonderful sightseeing, good food and time togetherValentine's Day.

But it is also the time in my life to reassess what is really important to me and make some changes to ensure that I will be around to enjoy them.  As a mother and wife, I have a tendency to put those I love first and I am sure that there are many mothers reading this that do the same thing.  But, the time has come for me to start to take better care of myself to make sure that I will around to enjoy the many years ahead.  My dreams for the future include being in good health in order to enjoy my daughters and hopefully one day, my grandchildren.

A few months ago I was chatting with my friend Jeanne and she had mentioned that she started taking Spin classes at  ‘Sweat’ in Ramsey, NJ.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Spinning (as I was), it involves riding special stationary bikes in a dark room with loud music.  All the class members follow the lead of the Spin instructor each of whom has a different routine and music play list .

There was a special promotion if you signed up with another person and I said I would sign up with her.  I had not taken a class and Jeanne wanted to make sure that I would like it before I committed to signing up for the whole year.  But, knowing how I like to give myself an out, I signed up without taking a single class.  The first few weeks of class were not easy (an understatement), but I have continued to take classes a few times a week.  This is truly a hard workout.  And I have to admit, I now like it.  I am noticing how good it makes me feel to sweat for the hour long class and I like feeling healthier.  So, I have Jeanne to thank for my new found hobby and Sweat in Ramsey for turning me in to a Spin fan!

Valentine’s Day is a great day to let those around you know how much you love and appreciate them.  So, this year, I am letting my family know that I will continue on my path to get and stay healthier!  And although there are no guarantees in life, I plan on being around to enjoy all the fun!  That is so much better than flowers and candy!



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