Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday marketed to all of those in love with the purchase of cards, flowers and candy.  But as the day is approaching, it makes me think about the meaning of love and how love actually is all around us.

It is easy to feel sad on this day of love, especially if you do not have a partner to share it with.  But we all can find love in many different forms.

I recently found a picture of my newborn daughter Elizabeth and was automatically filled with emotion.  The picture captures the undeniable love of a newborn.  But looking at the photo for a bit longer, it made me think more about the overwhelming trust that a newborn must have and places in your hands.  2016_01_26_15_53_190001

I guess you can say that trust and love are intertwined. The overwhelming and undeniable trust that another will take complete care of you is the true meaning of love.  I guess in a way we all learn about this from the moment we are born and this love continues to be nurtured throughout one’s life.

There is a basic understanding that this is the person who will take care of me, who will feed and nourish me and protect me from harm.  That trust is quite powerful.  And as we get older, we look for those who will do the same.

This love is not just in choosing a partner to share your life with, but all those in our life who nourish us.  Those we choose to spend time with, family and friends, and who are with us on our journey.

The quote , “There is no love greater in this world than a mother’s love” may be true.  But I believe that this is where we begin to learn about trust and love and how to incorporate it in our lives.

So here’s to all of those people in your life who have and continue to nourish you and love you.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Sheri Marino February 8, 2016 at 11:28 pm #

    Beautiful Maureen. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of the most important thing in life being our loving, nourishing relationships. Your words are always real, refreshing and encouraging!

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