Halloween and Diversification

Halloween CandyHalloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Yes I enjoyed dressing up in various costumes as a kid, but really…it was all about the candy.

Everyone in my house loved candy, and this was the one day that you hit payday. All you needed was some stamina, a pillowcase and a group of friends. Going house to house accumulating all types of candy – Baby Ruth, Snickers, Milky Way, M&M’s, Kit Kat, lollipops, bubble gum…the list goes on and on.

But as I stopped at the houses that provided Reese’s peanut butter cups, I became extra happy.

Now you may think that I must love Reese’s peanut butter cups but actually, it is the opposite. They were not my favorite, but two of my siblings absolutely loved them. And so the bargaining began.

The evening would come to an end and everyone would empty the hefty pillowcases to see the diverse amounts of candy. I would pile up the stash according to type and access the situation. The Reese’s peanut butter cups would be up for auction, while the one bar could easily be traded for two (or three if the bidding was fierce)!

It reminds me of a diverse investment portfolio. Diversification in your portfolio is the key to having success. If you were certain that one type of investment would yield huge gains, you could focus on only that one fund. But having a portfolio with diverse holdings allows you to reap the benefits of all of the different types of investments.

And while Reese’s peanut butter cups were the favorite that year, the next year would be different. A new high achiever would show up (Sour Patch Kids) and yield me great results. So running around the neighborhood accumulating all types of candy was always my goal. You just never knew which ones would be the most coveted in any given year.

So here’s to a pillowcase filled with candy, great childhood memories and diversification! Happy Halloween!

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