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The world is getting smaller all the time.  This idea was highlighted after we hired a programmer from Romania to update our website recently.  That is right – a young man in the former Communist country of Romania located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea .  Far away from my Bergen County New Jersey office.

As my daughter Julianne recently graduated and was hired by Accenture, she no longer has time (or desire) to work on our website. So when it was recently suggested that we add a ‘Newsroom’ page to our website to capture where our posts have been aired such as at Advice IQ and Morningstar, I figured that I would look to explore using a new service.  The service allows people to hire freelancers from around the world to handle various tasks that small companies and individuals need.

The world continues to get smaller.  Outsourcing is available to all of us.My need was for an update to our website which uses the WIX platform. After searching the internet, I decided to place my work request with a company called “Elance”.  This firm has 2.5 million freelancers who have various skill sets and are located throughout the world.

To begin my recent assignment with them, I registered on the site and added a detailed description of the task for which I wanted to receive bids.  To my amazement, within 2 days, I had received bids from programmers from all over the world who have skills with the WIX platform including programmers located in the following counties: Russia, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Romania, United States, India, and Spain.

I decided on Christian from Romania due to his background working on WIX websites and his work history ratings from work done for Elance users shown on the site.  He sent a list of various websites that he had created.  Oh – the cost did not hurt either – $65.67.  That is right – in one day, my website was professionally updated along with our company Twitter and You Tube feeds for less than $70.  The payment was paid through PayPal and had been held in escrow by Elance until I approved the work was done to my satisfaction.

Elance has 2.5 freelancers who have skills not only in Information Technology (IT) & Programming and Design & Multimedia, but also in such categories such as Writing, Sales & Marketing, and Admin Support.  Do you need a copy writer, or data entry for a short term basis?  Chances are good you can find someone with excellent skills for a competitive price here at this global marketplace.

You also have the ability to have longer term projects completed by these freelancers as well.  You establish a budget and get to track and approve work as it is completed.  A few companies have been able to get up and running by hiring a team of experts from Elance – from product developers and accountants to graphic designers, artists, website developers and customer service reps.

So another benefit of having my daughter graduate from college has been the discovery of this amazing database of global talent available to grow our fee-only financial planning firm.  Think of the global benefits.  Modern day outsourcing eliminating  the need of a middle man – a great benefit to small business owners everywhere.

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