Come On Get Happy!

My favorite cartoon character when I was young was Snoopy. So much so that my bedroom was filled with Snoopy. Snoopy dolls, Snoopy quotes and even Snoopy curtains. I even learned how to draw Snoopy on top of his dog house and spent many hours in art class perfecting this skill. And my favorite quotes were always around the “Happiness Is” quotes relating to Snoopy and all of the Peanuts characters.

The simple messages on what Happiness is can always make you smile…

Happiness is ….a warm puppy!

Happiness is….cookies!

Happiness is ….a sunny day!

So, what makes you happy?  

And is happiness dependent on the way you choose to view life?

There are a number of studies about happiness in retirement. Many people who are getting ready to retire hope that this new phase of their lives will result in happiness. In fact, a lot of retirement planning can focus on how to achieve happiness in the “golden years”.

Typically people say “When I retire, I am going to be happy” or “When I don’t have to work anymore, I will be happy”.

The key to living a happy life may be in being prepared and having the ability to enjoy your golden years. But more often, if you are miserable now, you most likely will be miserable in retirement. Happiness itself is not a goal, but it is the way you view your life and how you live it.

In studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers have found that there isn’t one key to a successful, happy retirement but they have identified five keys that work together to contribute to an overall sense of peace and contentment. Led by Dr. Martin Seligman, the research focused on the role that positive psychology plays in the pursuit of happiness.

The five key conditions which will lead to “authentic happiness” at any age, including retirement age, are:

Positive Emotion – We know that optimists do better in retirement than pessimists, so think positively whenever possible.

Engagement – People who engage with others through activities and daily life and remain more mentally active.

Relationships – It is a key component to share our experiences with others and keep a strong social group.  Hearing about the positive things occurring with those that you care about helps you as well.

Meaning – Retirement is the time to look at the meaning of life and to focus on living a life of purpose. As you approach retirement, determine what you will do in retirement to feel fulfilled. Do not wait until you have retired to figure this out.

Achievement – Keep a positive self image on all of your achievements to keep a positive mental image of your life.

So, Come On Get Happy! For all the stages of your life! Answer for you…

Happiness is…..   ___________________

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