Career Guidance for Children and Grandchildren – Programming

This post will help you when children ask –

What should I do for a career?

Future Developer

The world has been radically altered by computers, and we have seen nothing yet in the continuing transformation of society from computing power.  However, the education system has been slow to modify their teaching ways, so even if they do not ask, recommend that they view this video.  It will expose them to a possible field of interest that is not covered in school.  It may change their lives forever.

This video is meant to highlight the benefits of working in the computer field and programming, and is written for children.  This field will create thousands of  jobs for the next generation.  Please pass this post along to everyone who may benefit.

Push on the silver button below to begin the 9 minute video – any child will benefit from viewing this video.

As Steve Jobs states to open the video –

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer…because it teaches you how to think.”

Career Guidance for Children – Programming

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