Be Not Afraid!

It’s been said that the most common phrase in the Bible is “be not afraid” or “fear not”. Have you noticed that you cannot get through a nightly news broadcast without one of the newscasters using either the word “danger” or “dangerous”? Whether it is the dangers associated with a pending snowstorm or the new danger from drinking coffee, it seems that the media is trying to keep us in a perpetual state of unease. Why would that be?

By having normal everyday activities associated with danger, it creates a sense in people that they should be tuning in on a regular basis to make sure they stay up to date on the dangerous world that surrounds us. Without this “wise” insight and commentary, how else could we protect ourselves and our loved ones?

This constant anxiety leads us not only to an unsettled daily existence, but  it also leads many to make incorrect choices regarding their future, especially concerning their finances.  With every crisis du jour described as a danger to the US way of living, people are encouraged to change the plan that they have developed.  They should either be selling stocks or purchasing as much gold as possible, or stocking up on bullets.

Be not afraid. Investors need to overcome the daily warnings of danger to secure their desired future.

We are constantly striving to encourage people to stay disciplined and patient with the plans they have put in place to fulfill their dreams and goals for a brighter future.

The constant drumbeat of the new danger in some food group or how the financial problems of a small country on a small island in the Mediterranean could potentially wreak havoc on their plan, cause many to abandon the current plan in pursuit of a new plan at precisely the wrong moment.

The uncertainty in the near future causes stock prices to be volatile or to move up and down. This uncertainty is the reason why stocks, or ownership of the great companies in the US and the world, have provided investors with positive investment returns through time. The constant questioning of the ability of companies to overcome, either the Federal Reserve policies or concerns of the European currency known as the Euro, allow many the excuse to not participate in these potential future stock gains.

However, the real threat in the modern era deals with living in retirement for over three decades and trying to maintain their current lifestyle. The real threat faced by people is not from eating an unhealthy hot dog at the ballgame, but in the decreasing purchasing power through time. This real threat can be dealt with by having the correct financial plan in place and then working with someone to help you stay patient and disciplined through the daily onslaught concerning the new danger of the day.

It’s been said that the most common phrase in the Bible is “be not afraid” or “fear not”. These phrases are used over 100 times in the Bible which speaks to our fearful human condition being rooted since the beginning of our time. The human condition to fear the future and the dangers that are around the corner has been used by the media to ensure that they have daily viewers or readers watching their television news shows or reading their publications.

To be successful in creating the future that you envision, remember the most used phrase in the Bible, “be not afraid”.

Seek assistance in developing a plan that can achieve your goals and provide you with the will, patience and discipline to avoid falling victim to the fear mongering.

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