Say Something Nice!

Thumper-1If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all

                                                            From the movie  Bambi

Growing up this phrase was repeated many times, at home, in the classroom, and with friends.  Is it possible that we have all become immune to the concept of being nice to each other?

In a world where the options of communication are so vast, the opportunity to say something not nice is quite easy.  But what are the ramifications of this behavior?

We are surrounded with the anti-bullying movement, where common sense has been replaced by laws and rules.  But the old-fashioned way – where you would be taken to task and embarrassed by your sudden lack of judgement – has been eliminated.  And this can be seen in many aspects of entertainment, sports and politics.  Somehow, we have forgotten the general niceties of living in a civil environment.

Have we all become so de-sensitized that we no longer react to these harsh comments?  If it isn’t personally directed at you it is easier to become part of the problem?

Maybe the world would be better it we just followed the saying and keep our mouths (and keyboard) quiet.  Better yet what if we actually decide to say something nice each and every day,  and improve the lives of those around us.  This could actually have a positive effect on our own lives.

Wouldn’t it feel better to be positive rather than negative?

Teaching the future generations that there are consequences for your own behavior may be difficult in this changing culture.  But if these lessons are not taught consistently at home, how can we expect our children to know the right way to behave.  The influences of those around us have consequences.

And being nicer to each other will hopefully make the world a better place.

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