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The Lucky Couch

The news can be difficult to watch but occasionally you come across a story that reinforces the good qualities in people that make you smile. Just recently a bunch of college students picked up a couch at the local Salvation Army store.  They noticed that the couch was a bit bumpy in one area and were […]

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Happy Graduation….and Wear Sunscreen!

It’s graduation season and with the college graduations, come the speeches.  Some will be good.  Some will be bad.  And some others will be remembered for a long time. One such graduation speech was actually written – not given- in the Chicago Tribune by columnist Mary Schmich in June 1997. It was an exercise in […]

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Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mom’s Day!

One of the most significant days of the year occurs the second Sunday of May.  That day of course is Mother’s Day. Being a mother is how many of us identify ourselves and this lifelong role has been the most important to me. Not only in raising my daughters from babies to adults, but as […]

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Highs and Lows and How to React

The smoother things go, the more you take things for granted.  It seems that if things were always positive, you might not realize that you need to take a moment and appreciate what you have. When one of my daughters were in the fifth grade, she was having one of those years where everything seemed […]

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529 Plans and the New Tax Bill

The new tax bill, signed into law on December 22, 2017, has impacted a number of investment vehicles that may benefit many of us.  One significant change to the 529 Plans is the ability to use these funds to cover private elementary and secondary school expenses.  As a reminder: A 529 plan is an education savings […]

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“I hope you have enough”

Recently I received a letter in the mail from a charity organization.  The letter was signed with “I hope you have enough”.  This was a unique and thought-provoking way to sign a letter.  And what is actually “enough”? When we plan for the future and retirement, we are planning to ensure that you have “enough” […]

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Take this additional action when you change your clocks!

Sunday March 11th, 2018 is the official date for Daylight Saving Time. The time has come to move the clocks one hour ahead…..finally.  The feeling of spring will soon be in the air and the arrival of warm sunshine and longer days. With the change of the clocks, the customary change of your smoke detector batteries […]

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Sunshine Here I Come

The holidays are over and the New Year has begun.  This time of year can be difficult for many of us as the cold and snow cause an overwhelming feeling to hibernate.  There are a minority of people who embrace the winter days and nights with excitement and enthusiasm, from skiing and sledding to cozy […]

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Time and Planning

Most of us live for the time that lies right ahead of us.  A few days, weeks, years.  One of the most painful moments in a person’s life probably comes with the insight that an age has been reached when there is more to look back on than ahead.  And when time no longer lies […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas in the Crimmins’ house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas would  soon be there; The girls were all hanging out in their beds, With iPods loudly playing music in their heads. And all […]

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