Are you Psychologically Prepared for Retirement?

Have you done all the planning and believe your retirement is all accounted for financially?

Well that is a good start.  But have you taken the time to plan how the changes will affect you psychologically when you transition into retirement?

Most major life-changing events involve an ongoing process of emotional adjustment, and retirement is no exception. Retirees must face, what is essentially, the last major transition in their lives.

Have you dreamed about all of the freedom that retirement will provide?

What if this freedom is too much? How will you fill your time now that the work week does not exist?

Many retirees envision the first stage of retirement with excitement. They are prepared for new adventures without a set schedule. But, this transition may be difficult as you have been disciplined with a routine for most of your life. Too much freedom may not be a good thing.

So how do you prepare to have a fulfilling retirement?

DaydreamerThe first step is to consider how you would like to spend your retirement before you actually retire. Having a game plan will help with the transition and allow you to explore new hobbies or revisit some of your interests that you just haven’t had time for.

Are you interested in working part-time? Have you always wanted to write a book? Teach a class at the local college? Volunteer at the church?

Take some time to explore these things before you actually retire. Begin the hobby, or volunteer now, to help with the transition. Do several test runs.

Trying out some new things will also help you to determine if they are all you envision them to be. If they are not, adjustments can be made before retirement begins. Just as importantly, if your new venture will cost money, better to plan for this additional expenditure while you are still working.

Many retirees feel overwhelmed with the amount of time and often have difficulty feeling that they don’t contribute meaningfully to society. These emotions can be overwhelming and lead to feeling lonely and depressed, especially for men.

But if you have a game plan, the same way that you have established a financial plan, your retirement will be in the best position for success!

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