And so it goes!

And so it goes.

Goodbye 2015!  I can’t say that I am sad to see it end.  On a personal note, iNBC NEWS BUILDINGt was not one of my favorite years.  And for some reason, it reminds me of 1981.  It was the year that I graduated high school, said goodbye to my beloved Nana, and headed off to college.

These major life changes and transitions caused a large dose of insomnia the summer before I headed off to Providence College.  I was awake for most of the night which allowed for some interesting television viewing.

One show in particular that I enjoyed watching was NBC News Overnight with Linda Ellerbee.  Each broadcast ended with a short, usually wry, commentary which would end with the catch-phrase, “And so it goes”.

And for some reason, that’s how I feel about 2015.  It was one of those years that remind you that life continues on and you just need to learn how to live in it. There are some events that you wish you could bypass and some that you wish you could repeat.  Life is moving rather quickly and as I get older, the faster it goes.  Everyone tells you this when you are young, but you don’t really understand it until you experience it yourself.

And so it goes.

It is the same with the news cycle.  There are days that I feel that the stories are all repeating.  They are all similar -some to scare you, some to amuse you and some to inform you.  And I am sure that I have heard most of them before.  It’s hard to stop time and that strange feeling that regardless of your personal situation, things keep on moving.

Learning to live in the present and enjoy each and every day can be challenging.  But realizing that all of us have challenges to overcome should help to bring an understanding that this journey continues on and hope that the next year will be a better one.

And so it goes.

Here’s to a new year of possibilities, and the hope that time will slow down just a bit. 2016 is looking up!

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