#4 in the Top 20 National Advisor Blogs

ADVISOR“A little recognition goes a long way.”

We started writing this financial blog in 2012 with the hopes to educate and entertain the readers on financial issues and how they pertain to everyday life.  When we first began, we were certain that we were writing for a few family and friends (or so it seemed).  But the belief that our thoughts and information could be relevant to many kept us blogging and expressing our thoughts in stories and articles.

With four years of posts under our belt, our blog has been acknowledged in a number of different ways, from being highlighted in Forbes & USA Today to being recognized as one of the top advisor blogs by BrightScope.

Now, we have recently been recognized on a list of Top 20 Advisor Blogs from Coupon Machine who rated the most relevant and authentic financial blogs on the basis of content, veracity, timeliness, graphical representation, style of communication and overall relevance.  We are happy to receive the 4th spot on this impressive list of advisors.

There are many advisor blogs which are created by competent financial advisors who can help you make sound financial strategies and enhance your financial future.

We would like to thank you for choosing to read our blog and allowing us to share our experiences with you.  If we can help you clarify and achieve your possibilities, contact us.

To view the Top 20 Advisor Blog list, please click here:  Top Advisor Blogs

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Maureen Crimmins is co-founder of Crimmins Wealth Management and a fee-only independent financial advisor. Have a financial question? ASK MAUREEN


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