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Welcome to Roots of Wealth!

We are here to help ease your retirement worries and allow you to focus on the things that matter to you.  We all tend to worry about different things in life. Whether it is about health, work, family or a relationship, taking the worry out of life seems impossible. Planning for your retirement should not […]

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Investing Like a Bee

What can a hive teach us about playing the market? Plenty, if you know where to look for industriousness, dedication and a clear message delivery. First, I hate bees. I’m highly allergic and after a life-threatening sting sent me to the hospital, I have endured shots for the past eight years to insure that I […]

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What the 1940 Census Reveals about Rising Costs

I recently wrote a piece describing how I had taken one of DNA test to confirm my Irish heritage.  You can read that blog post here:  Irish confirmed. In that piece I described how after taking the test and getting my results that I was contacted by a distant cousin who gave me my Crimmins […]

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Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mom’s Day!

One of the most significant days of the year occurs the second Sunday of May.  That day of course is Mother’s Day. Being a mother is how many of us identify ourselves and this lifelong role has been the most important to me. Not only in raising my daughters from babies to adults, but as […]

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Highs and Lows and How to React

The smoother things go, the more you take things for granted.  It seems that if things were always positive, you might not realize that you need to take a moment and appreciate what you have. When one of my daughters were in the fifth grade, she was having one of those years where everything seemed […]

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“Mr. Irrelevant” Companies

The 2018 National Football League (NFL) Draft will be held this weekend from April 26th to 28th.  The NFL draft is where NFL franchises select newly eligible players.  Each team selects in reverse order of how their team performed the year before with the worst team selecting first.  There are 32 teams in the league and there are […]

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Mind Over Model

Checking the weather? Guess what—you’re using a model. While models can be useful for gaining insights that can help us make good decisions, they are inherently incomplete simplifications of reality. In investing, factor models have been a frequent topic of discussion. Lately , they are often marketed as smart beta strategies.  These products are based […]

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Turning Out the Noise

Have you noticed the stock market volatility lately?  Hard to miss with the media onslaught of coverage.  Below is a video entitled Tuning Out the Noise from our investment partner Dimensional Fund Advisors (Dimensional) to help bring some perspective to the current situation. Tuning Out the Noise takes viewers on a journey through the “lost decade,” featuring […]

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Overcoming fear of stocks

Sometimes it doesn’t take much for one to overcome fear. Many investors are still fearful of owning pieces of the great companies in U.S. and around the world known as stocks. Although the evidence is more than compelling that only a diversified portfolio invested for the long-term will supply investors with the appropriate returns necessary […]

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529 Plans and the New Tax Bill

The new tax bill, signed into law on December 22, 2017, has impacted a number of investment vehicles that may benefit many of us.  One significant change to the 529 Plans is the ability to use these funds to cover private elementary and secondary school expenses.  As a reminder: A 529 plan is an education savings […]

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Donate Books for Soldiers

Our house clean up continues.  We were faced with hundreds of books read and collected over 2 decades that have piled up in various closets and dresser drawers.  After inundating our local public library with boxes of books, my daughter Elizabeth came up with a better idea. Unbeknownst to Maureen and I, there is a […]

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