Reason for Optimism: World Air Plane Traffic

This post is a video which highlights the tremendous growth that the global community has experienced and will continue to experience from modern air travel.  I am the first to complain about the TSA and the shoe removal process at airports, but from the aspect of global trade,  modern transportation has had and will continue to have a positive impact on human development.

Modern air travel should lead us all to have optimism for our future.  The growth and tremendous benefit for humans due to the general access to air travel has occurred in only a little over a hundred years since the first man flight in 1903 by  Orville Wright. 

What progress has been achieved over the last hundred years, and where will we be in the next one hundred years of innovation?  I – for one – am excited to find out.

Commercial airplane

Click on the silver button below to watch 24 hours of global air travel condensed into a video that lasts only 1 minute. The images are taken from satellite data and each yellow dot on the screen is an airplane.

You watch as the sun rises and sets on each continent and see how the developed countries still dominate air travel.  But oh how the future of air travel will continue to transform all regions of the global for the benefit of humankind.

Soon the emerging market countries will be experiencing the same air traffic growth as the developed markets of North America and Europe.

World Air Travel

photo by: lrargerich

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