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Welcome to the Roots of Wealth Blog!  We are New Jersey based fee-only independent Financial Advisors.  

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We started this financial planning blog to help people concentrate on the things that matter and the things that they can control.  The most important thing one can control is his or her own behavior. 

We will help our clients clarify what they are trying to achieve and then help them create the action plan that will achieve those dreams.

Knowing that success will be driven by one’s own actions, we will assist readers by writing items as if we are their financial coaches.  We hope the various posts will help translate the need and benefit for financial planning by relating common stories, and providing the support to stay focused on the things that matter.

The Financial Plan is essentially the roots of wealth.  Just as the roots secure the foundation of the tree, the plan will be the foundation for all of the actions that will be taken to secure a successful financial future.  The definition of success will be dependent on each person’s individual goals.

The categories that we will discuss will include how to help and protect your lifestyle in retirement, and how to help and protect your family.  Thus, we will talk about the importance of determining what needs to be done in order to not just have enough money the day you retire, but to have enough money to maintain your lifestyle through you and your partner’s lives.  The posts will also try to help you get a sense of financial comfort in this volatile world.

We will strive to always make the posts readable and understandable especially for the target audience of family stewards and entrepreneurs.  The chief financial and investment concern of the family stewards is taking care of their loved ones.  Their goals are usually centered on issues like paying for college tuitions or passing on wealth to heirs.

As we believe our audience will include family stewards, we will discuss these issues including how to plan for a legacy for their children and grandchildren as well as discussing charitable planning.  In addition, we will focus on issues for individuals who run their own businesses.  Topics relevant to entrepreneurs will include working through transitions that will occur at some point in the future as well as more mundane topics such as guidance on setting up retirement plans.

We will strive to make all the posts relatable to following one’s plan even as we discuss the current investment fads and current investment developments in the news.  We will post articles and reviews of books that we believe will help our clients stay on the path to a successful journey.  This will be done by encouraging our readers to follow the old-fashioned way to success which requires diligence, discipline and patience.

This will include a series of posts dealing with fulfilling dreams or uncovering potential dreams in retirement.  This blog will not be the place to find about the latest performance of the “hot” stock or any grand ideas for getting rich quick.

Above all else, we hope it is always done in an enjoyable and fun way!  Come join us!

About Dan Crimmins

Dan Crimmins, co-founder of Crimmins Wealth Management, is a financial coach and fee only financial planner. Have a financial question? ASK DAN


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  1. Tim O'Brien October 31, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    This is a GREAT blog —– reader friendly, with an attractive format and great content! This effort reflects well on the quality of the advice and service you provide to your clients. Many congratulations!

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