Bernie Madoff Goes to Jail

8 Ways to protect yourself from Investment Fraud

With the continued revelation that several financial advisors committed fraud and scams that resulted in people losing substantial money, many people have expressed concerns about who to trust with their personal investments. While it is valuable to seek the advice of a financial advisor to handle your investments, it is also important for investors to know what […]

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Even during military operations, the US stock market advanced. Investment behavior will be key to capture returns.

Investor Behavior Gap

We have a hard time believing that our own actions could be the cause of our investment returns being less than they should be.  I was investing my own 401 (k) assets while working at Chase Manhattan Bank in early 1991.  The news of the day was the imminent attack by the U.S. on Iraq […]

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Jelly beans in a jar

Why We Use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Investments

As  independent financial advisers, we are free to construct an investment portfolio using whatever investments that we believe will assist our clients in reaching their goals. However, our starting point in developing such a portfolio is always the institutional mutual funds developed and managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). You may ask why that is the […]

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DFA addresses bonds, fixed income and interest rates.

Rate Expectations

This is a guest post from Jim Parker VP with our partner – Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in Australia.  As we enter 2014, he discusses a common theme that has been around for several years – the perceived  immediate rise of interest rates.  He also discusses a view on what the potential rise in rates […]

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Ready for this year’s market declines?

The 2013 financial stock market results are in.  For those investors who have remained disciplined and focused on their long-term goals, 2013 was a good year indeed. The S&P 500, the index that tracks the performance of the largest U.S. stocks, gained 30% in 2014 while the MSCI, which tracks the performance of the international […]

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The media forecast for the stock market are not very accurate.

Surprise! No Selloff in 2013

This guest post was written by Weston Wellington who is a Vice President for our partner, Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA).  He discusses the strong year the stock market had in 2013 which was quite a surprise to many professionals.  Remember this article when you hear this year’s stock market predictions by the “professionals”. The unusually strong […]

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Maureen's Mom - her Angel

All of Our Protective Angels

This is a post about  dealing with the loss of a loved one.  I know that it is a topic that people do not usually discuss.  It will not be a post about all of the financial things that need to be done in order to make sure that your loved ones are provided for.  […]

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Life Without Lawyers

4 Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System

This video post is from an old friend and attorney – Philip K. Howard.  He discusses the powerful forces of the law and lays out ways that we can fix what all would agree is a broken system.    The land of the free has become a legal minefield, says Philip K. Howard — especially […]

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Plan in order to achieve the future you desire.

Discovery Starts Your Planning

Financial planning intimidates people. In its early stages, they don’t know what to expect, what to answer and what they’ll have to divulge to create a realistic plan. In this article on the planning process, let me remove the fear and talk about how we begin work with our clients. Discussing personal finances challenges most of […]

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Investors should seek simplicity in their investments and life as per Confucius

Simplicity and Sophistication (for 2014)

This guest post was written by Jim Parker with our partner – Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).  He discusses how investors often try to complicate their lives and the harm it causes.  Let’s work in 2014 to avoid this unnecessary stress. The Chinese philosopher Confucius once  said that life is very simple, but we insist on making […]

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