Alternative investments: What do financial terms mean Series

This post continues the series – What do financial terms mean:  Alternative investments? An alternative investment is any investment product other than the ownership of investment products such as stocks, bonds, cash or real estate. Other posts have discussed what a stock is – ownership in a company, and what a bond is – lending […]

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Gas car lines: US heading towards Energy Indepedence

U.S. Moving to Energy Independence: Benefits to Stock Investors

One of the key missions of this financial blog is to highlight the tremendous news regarding our exciting futures due to the constant innovations all around us.  We believe this is a useful counterweight to the daily drumbeat of bad economic news that fills the airwaves: the aggregate U.S. debt passing $17 trillion, stubborn unemployment, […]

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Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is the celebration of our country’s birthday!  The Declaration of Independence was a historical moment and one that is cherished and celebrated with picnics, barbeques, fireworks, hot dogs and apple pie!  It is a great day to wear red, white and blue and to proudly wave the American flag.   It is to […]

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For Our Daughters: Business Career Advice

As most of you who have read any of my blog posts know, I am fortunate to have three daughters. A fact that will usually congers up some interesting comments in regards to living with so many women in one house (a fact that my husband Dan has had to hear on numerous occasions).  But, […]

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A Bump In the Road – Plan for the unexpected

Our daughter Julianne graduated from college in May, a trip that was much-anticipated and planned for many months.  The airlines, hotel rooms, car rentals, meal reservations and graduation tickets were all set and coordinated on Trip It (an online travel organizer where all the information on each participant is listed and all can access where, […]

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Saving strategies for 401k plans

Save More Tomorrow: 401 (k) Strategies

Even when employees are lucky enough to have a 401 (k) plan offered by their employer, they are not saving enough to have sufficient funds in their savings account to maintain their lifestyles after they retire.  This sobering fact is from the Center of Retirement Research for the Wall Street Journal using data compiled by […]

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Driving will looking in rear view mirror

Investing Based on Recent Past Performance

This post is a sketch created by Carl Richards who has become a frequent keynote speaker at financial planning conferences and visual learning events around the world.    Through his simple sketches, Carl makes complex financial concepts easy to understand. His sketch below  highlights the difficultly of investing based on recent past performance.  He compares doing this […]

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Investor Mistakes in Australia and worldwide

Expensive Mistakes

This guest post was written by Jim Parker – a Vice President at our partner DFA based in Australia.  He addresses how to avoid the common costly investment mistakes that occur in his native Australia as well as worldwide including in the United States . There are two ways of learning: You can be taught how to do something correctly, or you […]

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Bag with dollar bills and the words Retirement on bag

Individual Retirement Accounts- Simplified

I thought it would be helpful to define what an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is and the different types of IRAs that are available (in the most simplified way). What is an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)? Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are basically savings plans aimed for retirement with a number of restrictions. The main […]

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General Mills Ice Cream Brand

General Mills: Benefits of Owning Mature Companies

We wrote a post on the great American company Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and all its great global brands.  Another great American company is the food company – General Mills.  I saw a post recently by Joshua Kennon that discussed how this company’s stock price has done over the last quarter century and thought it […]

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