My Retirement Cake

Planning to retire later in life? What you need to know

When will you retire? It is a question that most of us begin to think about by the time we are 50 years old.  Having a marker of when you expect to retire is an essential piece of information that you need in order to plan for your retirement income needs. When we first discuss […]

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wetherspoons free wi-fi time

Beware of “Free” Wi-Fi

  As we all travel this summer season, a warning on connecting to any “free” Wi-Fi that your cell phone can connect to.  I was cautioned about this growing threat to capture your personal data for the benefit of criminals. Check the link below for a great TV report by NBC News (only 2 minutes […]

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Mets or Yankees? Rooting for all teams

Growing up in the New York tri-state area has many benefits including the diverse group of people with a large array of interests which makes life interesting. Among them is the vast number of sport teams to root for and follow. The choices are plentiful and the combinations can be quite different. Are you a Mets fan […]

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Referrals and Facebook

Referrals and Facebook

Facebook is universally known to all and is a great invention in sharing your world with others. As it began, the younger generation used it to show the world and their circle of friends what and where they have been. But as time has gone by, all generations have begun to use Facebook for many […]

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Julianne and her baby dolls

What Matters to You?

Determining what matters and will matter most to you at different stages of your life are crucial to developing a financial plan.  Not everyone has the same opinion or values the same things.  The general items may be similar, but the level of importance will vary from person to person. When my girls were babies, they each had […]

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Love Yellow

Patient Trading – DFA Video

We have discussed the many reasons on why we use the mutual fund company Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) for our clients and ourselves. (See this post for other reasons:  Why DFA) One of the hidden advantages is how they trade their portfolios both for their stock portfolios and bond (fixed income) portfolios.  They manage the portfolios […]

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Selling of Louisville Slugger

Well the baseball season is finally underway.  And the Crimmins household is hoping the New York Mets finally break their long cycle of losing on the backs of their young pitching staff.  It’s been a while since Maureen and I attended game seven of the 1986 World Series to see our beloved Mets win the […]

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Big Smile

College Planning Using 529 Plans

The time of year has arrived for graduation season…graduating from college, high school, middle school and yes even preschool are times of celebration. It is a time to reflect on all of the achievements of your child and how time seems to have flown by. The amount of preparation that has occurred is plentiful and […]

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Life boats abroad a cruise ship

Financial Fire Drill

A couple of years ago, my family persuaded Maureen to take a cruise trip from Bayonne, New Jersey to Bermuda.  As we knew that she gets seasick, we thought that this would be a calm route for which to venture. Well, not so much. While we had a great time overall, the Atlantic Ocean caused some […]

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House Sold

To Buy or Not to Buy a house?

Timing is everything.  This expression has been around for quite some time and can pertain to many different moments in life.  But life is not always timed out perfectly and with good reason.  Life would not be nearly as exciting if we knew exactly when or how things would evolve. There seems to be a […]

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