Changing up the Holiday Conversation

This guest post was written by Alicia Temmerman who works for our partner Loring Ward. What are the most important things to talk about at this time of year? I recently sat down with Robert Temmerman, Jr. (or Dad as I call him), a specialist with 30 years of experience in estate planning, to find […]

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To Whom do you Listen to for Advice?

Who do you listen to when you are trying to determine what you should do with your money? It is a powerful question and the answer to the question will likely determine how well you will do financially. Do you listen to the talking heads on television such as Jim Cramer?  Do you watch one […]

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Curious about how markets work?

 Curious about how markets work? This video from our partner – Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) explains how security prices are set and how they change based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers.  Armed with this information, investors will better understand how and why markets work. This 3 minute video describes the power of the […]

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Keeping the Edge: U.S. innovation

The presidential election process is upon us.  For the next year all of the candidates vying for the presidency will focus on the current problems that we face here in the United States.  And while there is plenty for the candidates to discuss (such as the rise of international terrorism, the large number of U.S. citizens not […]

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photo of several doctors and nurses

The Giving Season: Donating to Your Favorite Charity

During the month of December, many people look to donate to their favorite charity.  There are many wonderful foundations that need support to operate throughout the year and most receive their largest contributions during the month of December, before the end of the tax year.  It is a good time to review your own finances […]

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Evening, Toad

Will Fed Raise Interest Rates? Don’t Follow the Doomed Frogs

A couple of summers ago, my family was vacationing in Woodloch Springs in Hawley, Pennsylvania.  It happened to be a particularly hot stretch of summer weather.  It was stifling and they had to bring out cold cloths to the golfers to prevent them from being overwhelmed by the heat.  This allowed me to have yet another […]

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Service members unfurl flag at NY Jets first home game in new stadium

6 Keys to Investor Success – Now and Forever

I have season tickets to the New York Jets. Yes I know, an average year so far. But this post is not about the patience that is required to be both an investor as well as a Jet fan, but rather deals with the pregame entertainment that goes on at the beginning of every Jet home […]

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The 87th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Growing up in the tri-state area is beneficial for many reasons and one in particular is the ability to attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.  The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been around for over eighty years and I have been fortunate to have attended several times in my life. This year’s […]

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Wax Wizard of Oz

What can the Wizard of Oz teach us about Investing?

What can the Wizard of Oz teach us about investing? The Wizard of Oz is one of the most well-known films of all times.  I grew watching this iconic movie once a year on television which was a much-anticipated event for the entire family.  This movie has it all: singing, munchkins and flying monkeys.  And […]

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Global Map by Market Cap

A Different Perspective on Global Stock Markets

Sometimes seeing something from a different perspective helps bring additional insight to a subject.  Below is a view of the world – not from the traditional view according to land mass that we are all familiar with from grade school.  This graph demonstrates the size of the countries according to the value of the companies […]

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