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Learning to say “NO”!

I remember going to the grocery store when my children were toddlers. You put them in the cart and hurry through the store to get all of the items you need as quickly as you can. And inevitably, as you are waiting on the check-out line, the candy display comes into focus for your chocolate-loving […]

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Disney is using new technology to improve and personalize the visitor experience.

Disney MagicBands – A Look into the Future

As is a Crimmins family tradition, our entire family, along with my parents, traveled to Disney World in June to celebrate our youngest daughter’s graduation from high school. We have vacationed in Wyoming and taken a cruise to Bermuda for our first two daughter’s high school graduations. Being a proud Disney family, we are true […]

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Are you Psychologically Prepared for Retirement?

You have done all the planning and your retirement is all accounted for financially. But have you taken the time to plan for how the changes will effect you psychologically when you transition into retirement? Most major life-changing events involve an ongoing process of emotional adjustment, and retirement is no exception. Retirees must face, what is essentially, […]

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Relating Money to Life

A common question that we get from people after telling them that we own our own financial planning firm is: What do you ask clients at the first meeting? When we first sit down with a new prospect, we try to determine how they visualize their own future. Importantly, we try to parse out in […]

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Investors need to not fool themselves about the decisions that they make.

Seven Ways to Fool Yourself

There are many ways that we like to fool ourselves, generally as an act of self-perseverance. Sometimes it is just easier to believe those things that we choose to while ignoring those things that we rather not deal with. It is kind of like the elephant in the room…you know it’s there but it is easier […]

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Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to Yourself!

Sometimes I think that we are our own worst critics.  We can often give others great advice as problems seem easy to solve when they are not your own. We only have a small amount of time each day and it is difficult to get everything done. And often, we are angry with ourselves when […]

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How to Prepare Your College Freshman for Campus Living

The time has come to prepare for Elizabeth’s freshman year and planning is a key component to ensure a smooth transition to her new college. The planning phase is exciting and a bit overwhelming, but necessary, as much for her as it is for me. Making sure that she has her dorm room and daily […]

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Guide Book

Beware of the Guide Books

The year was 1988 and I was expecting my first child. A mere child myself at the young age of 24, I was more than a bit nervous. As an avid reader, I did what any other first time mother-to-be would do, I purchased the popular book – What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The How-To guide was […]

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Trails of water

Cause and Effect of the Markets?

Causation is the relationship of cause and effect. We live in a world where we want to believe that most things have a cause and effect and we are always searching for the absolute understanding of why things occur. Do we do this to simplify the reasoning behind why things occur? or Is it that […]

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Warwick Castle

Be Happy You’re Alive Now

We have written a number of posts on focusing on the future with optimism. We have discussed the incredible American farming evolution in a past post (). This post attempts to provide a reality check against the ever-present negativity in the news with an understanding of the blessings that we all have living in the […]

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