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Global Map by Market Cap

A Different Perspective on Global Stock Markets

Sometimes seeing something from a different perspective helps bring additional insight to a subject.  Below is a view of the world – not from the traditional view according to land mass that we are all familiar with from grade school.  This graph demonstrates the size of the countries according to the value of the companies […]

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What's new, pussycat?

Belling the Cat – Using research to time markets

Sometimes even the best of ideas are only good in theory because they are impossible to implement in practice.  This holds true to the financial world as well. Academic financial research generates hundreds of research papers each year highlighting potential ways for investors to get a possible insight on the direction of the stock market.  Many […]

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My Google driverless car photo used on @NBCWashington

The Driverless Car Bet

We have talked in previous posts about how successful investors have to be optimistic about the future. This optimism can be found in many areas driven through the tremendous progress that technology is having in many aspects of our lives.  Technology is making our lives easier, more productive and allowing us to remain healthier longer […]

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Top 10 items to be a successful investor

10 ideas all investors need to know to be a successful investor – #1 to #5

This post is the first of a two-part post which will deal with the 10 items that all investors need to understand in order to be a successful investor.  This post will deal with the first five ideas followed next week by the second post discussing the remaining five ideas. These ideas are grounded in […]

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The possible merger of two large international dear companies shows how investors should focus on the long-term when dealing with emerging markets

What a Beer Merger Teaches Investors about Investing Overseas?

The recent news regarding the emerging markets has not been good. Thus, the emerging market stock performance has also not been good. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index is the index that captures large and medium size companies (834 in total) across 23 Emerging Markets countries.  For the year ending September 30, 2015, this index is down approximately 21% […]

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I, Pencil – a video on the hidden benefits of free markets

This post contains a video called “I, Pencil”.  The video shows how the world that we live has evolved into the amazing place it is due to all of us working towards our own self interest.  By working  for our own self interest, we have created an incredible world where we all get to choose our […]

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2009 NFL Super Bowl 43 (XLIII)

What Investors Can Learn from NFL Point Spreads

Watching NFL football was never the same after one particular season in which my wife Maureen won the annual competition based on the friendly weekly competition to pick which football team would beat the other team by the published Las Vegas point spread. You can see these point spreads every day in the sports section. Ideally, the point […]

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Mykonos, Greece

Greece is the Word

  This post was written by Jim Parker who is a Vice President with our partner Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in Australia.  This post follows the DFA video last week discussing the trials and tribulations going on with the country of Greece.  GREECE VIDEO Economic authors, Reinhardt and Rogoff calculated that since it became independent in 1829, […]

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What should investors do about Greece?

Weston Wellington of our partner Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) offers useful perspectives on the financial crisis in Greece. What should you being doing as an investor?  History teaches us many lessons which Weston highlights in this useful video. Click on the 3 minute video named ‘Greece’ below: Greece If you enjoyed this article,  CLICK HERE to subscribe […]

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Chopped Vegetable Bowls

Chopped and Successful Investing

I am addicted to watching the Food Network and at all times of the day it is quite likely that my television will be turned onto this channel. One of my favorite shows is Chopped. The concept is simple. Four trained chefs or cooks compete to turn a “basket” of chosen food into a delicious Chopped meal. […]

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