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A life well lived

There is no knowledge so hard to acquire as the knowledge of how to live this life well and naturally. ― Michel de Montaigne – one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance. My mom, my extended family and I all had a large loss in early January with the passing of my dad Robert […]

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Elderly People Street Sign

Protect Yourself from Your Aging Brain

Old age should come with a  caution label. As we have often discussed on this blog, most of us should be expecting to live longer than our parents or grandparents. And while this longevity can be beneficial, it also comes with some difficulties. We’ve addressed the major difficulty of making sure that your income can keep pace with […]

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Together for good and bad

Helping Your Parents Manage Their Money

Getting older is hard. As you hit a certain stage of your life you realize that many of your friends are encountering the same issues. There is not a week that goes by that the discussion of how to care for aging parents doesn’t arise. The concerns range from healthcare and  housing to monetary and emotional issues. […]

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Guidance for Students (& Everyone)

In the 1970s and 80s, Borden, Inc. was a $5 billion conglomerate with headquarters in New York City. Eugene (Gene) Sullivan, a great friend to my parents and my family, served as Chairman, and Joe Saggese, was a close colleague. (Joe Saggese’s son, Ken, is a longtime close friend of Maureen and me). While Gene was Chairman of […]

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Check This When Changing Your Clocks for Daylight Saving Time

November 2, 2014 is the official date for Daylight Saving Time. The time has come to move the clocks one hour back.  And I think everyone could use an extra hour of sleep. Although this means mornings will be lighter and evenings shorter. With the change of the clocks, the customary change of your smoke detector batteries […]

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Times Square / dusk

Talking Money With Honey

In mid-September, AdviceIQ held a week long National Financial Advisor Week event in New York’s Times Square. Maureen and I were happy to sit on one of the many panels entitled “Talking Money with Honey”. This post was written by Larry Light who is an editor at AdviceIQ describing some of our panel interactions. AdviceIQ delivers quality personal finance articles by both […]

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crying baby leo

Learning to say “NO”!

I remember going to the grocery store when my children were toddlers. You put them in the cart and hurry through the store to get all of the items you need as quickly as you can. And inevitably, as you are waiting on the check-out line, the candy display comes into focus for your chocolate-loving […]

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Guide Book

Beware of the Guide Books

The year was 1988 and I was expecting my first child. A mere child myself at the young age of 24, I was more than a bit nervous. As an avid reader, I did what any other first time mother-to-be would do, I purchased the popular book – What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The How-To guide was […]

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Trustee over Social Security Family member Social Security Payments

Help for Representative Payees of Government Benefits

According to the AARP Caregiving Resource Center, there are 42 million people age 50+ in the U.S. who are caring for their parents or another older person.  We have seen our clients and friends need to assist older family members with their financial affairs. If you have not been asked to do this yet, you […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I can remember my very first Mother’s Day.  The year was 1989 and my daughter Katie (now called Kathryn) was ten months old.  I spent the day with her on the playground and Dan had purchased me a dozen red roses. I remember thinking that I needed no presents, as surely she was the greatest […]

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