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No One Likes to Be Stuck

One of the best reasons to watch the Super Bowl are the commercials.  And although this year’s Super Bowl commercials weren’t the best, the Ford commercial resonated with me. If you missed it, the song playing over the visuals of being stuck in many different ways was as follows: I wish I knew how it […]

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Photo by FDR Presidential Library & Museum

How to Obtain your Social Security Income Estimate

When Maureen and I meet with people for the first time to explore if we are a good fit for us to help them reach their goals, one of the key questions that we ask is What income will you need to have in your first year in retirement?” As retirement income planners, we need […]

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Best Personal Finance Software for Healthier Wealth

Online banking is a great tool to pay bills and reduce paper statements. However, it cannot establish a budget or categorize your expenses. A financial tracking software gives you the ability to review how you are spending your money — Dan Crimmins Improving financial management skills often requires a lifestyle adjustment: a change in habit […]

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The Dresser Drawer

The Dresser Drawer

I grew up in a typical middle income town on Long Island with a rather large family.  There were five children in an unusually large home in the suburbs with a dog named Happy and a cat named Cleo.  The household also included the most important part of my upbringing, my Nana.  In those days, […]

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Coins Forming US Flag

Planning Your Financial Independence Day

As we celebrate our Great Country’s Birthday this weekend, I wanted to discuss how we can all plan for our own financial independence usings the following seven steps. 7 Key Steps to Financial Independence Most people say they plan for retirement, but they are really planning for financial independence. The day you achieve financial independence […]

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Painting and Planning your Future

Painting a masterpiece has become available to all!  The new craze in activities is focused on painting classes for those who have never taken an art class (or at least have not painted in years).  Some of these new businesses have combined the painting with some wine and cheese and are available for individuals and […]

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Be not afraid. Investors need to overcome the daily warnings of danger to secure their desired future.

Be Not Afraid!

It’s been said that the most common phrase in the Bible is “be not afraid” or “fear not”. Have you noticed that you cannot get through a nightly news broadcast without one of the newscasters using either the word “danger” or “dangerous”? Whether it is the dangers associated with a pending snowstorm or the new danger […]

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The Importance of Vision

Aging and Your Decision Making Ability

Some signs of aging are clearly visible.  You get a few more wrinkles, your need glasses to view your I-phone, and your knees creak a little bit more.  Even at the age of 50, these physical signs are evident.  However, one study shows that your peak financial decision-making ability occurs at age 50. Texas Tech University […]

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Le Jour ni l’Heure 5794 : Claude Monet, 1840-1926, Régates à Argenteuil, c. 1872, musée d’Orsay, Paris, jeudi 14 mai 2015, 21:07:57

What can you create?

Have you ever gone to a museum and stared at a painting and wondered how the artist created it?  How they were able to envision the piece and how many changes that they may have made before the art was completed? It would be wonderful to have such a talent to be able to create […]

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The Top Ten List of Things to do for Your Financial Life

I like to make lists, a trait that I am quite fond of.  It makes me feel in control of all of the things that I need to get done.  Sometimes the list may seem unimportant; with such obvious items that one wouldn’t think would need to be written out in order for me to remember to […]

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