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Focus on what you can Control

Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention. Greg Anderson – American athlete and author That is a truism to life and investing: you need to focus on things that are important and the things that you can control.  This is just as hard to […]

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Having the Discipline and Patience of Olympics athletes

Our family is thoroughly enjoying watching the Olympics especially with the strong showing by the United States teams.  To watch all of these worldwide athletes perform at such high level is a thrill especially if you have ever attempted to play any of the sports that are competing this summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I […]

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Independent Objective Financial Advice

This is a video post where Weston Wellington a Vice President with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) discusses the value individuals receive from a financial advisor. He discusses how an advisor can be a source of independent advice helping to separate the emotions often associated with money from the decision-making.  Emotions often impact important decisions and […]

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One of hundreds of planes in the air

Reason for Optimism: World Air Plane Traffic

This post is a video which highlights the tremendous growth that the global community has experienced and will continue to experience from modern air travel.  I am the first to complain about the TSA and the shoe removal process at airports, but from the aspect of global trade,  modern transportation has had and will continue to have […]

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Dangerous to eat

Forced to be Patient – maybe a cure for investors!

Maureen and I were lucky enough to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in the island nation of Jamaica.  It was our first visit to the tropical island and we enjoyed the beautiful landscape and friendly Jamaicans. One of the excursions that we enjoyed was visiting the Mayfield Falls which requires a treacherous drive up a mountain. Thankfully […]

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The Value of Advice - DFA Video

The Value of Advice – DFA Video

I have always been fascinated by the concept of fingerprints and the fact that no two human fingerprints are the same.  Even identical twins have different imprints.  This gives validity to the fact that we are different and have different needs and wants.  There are differences – sometimes subtle – and other times not so subtle. […]

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The NY Jet defense in action

Managing the 3 Major Financial Risks

To be successful at anything, one must be able to evaluate the risks that one will encounter.  As the New York Jets entered the draft and explored off-season free agent additions this year, they are aware of the risk that they have with an unsigned and aging starting quarterback (QB).   This Jet fan was glad that the coaches have […]

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Stopping Future Mistakes – Running to Third Base

I coached Little League softball for young girls for a little over a decade in Allendale, NJ.  I can still remember little Susie when she was nine years old and began playing softball for the first time.  She was nervous and the uniform was always a little too big on her. She would roll up […]

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China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F B-18709 (1)

Stock investors: Focus on history not headlines

Apparently not everyone is concerned about the future prospects of the Chinese economy or the struggling agricultural equipment industry in the United States.  We often speak about the need for investors not to look at current conditions but the long-term historical trends.  We spoke earlier about the large merger between two international beer conglomerates and […]

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CWM SNOWMAN Final copy

Working with Clients Focused on the Long Term

At Crimmins Wealth Management, we work with individuals to focus on their long-term goals by helping clarify what they are trying to achieve in their life.  This discussion covers the long term goals such as maintaining a lifestyle in retirement and possible legacy issues.  To drive home this message we thought what better way than with some humor. […]

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