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"Inside Out" and Your Emotional Investing

“Inside Out” and Your Emotional Investing

The new movie from Pixar “Inside Out” is a wonderful film for all ages.  The story line focuses on the many emotions that play a part in one’s life. The story focuses on the turmoil of growing up for 11 year old Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a […]

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Ed Sullivan Theater - Late Show With David Letterman

Not the Traditional David Letterman “Top Ten” List

This guest post is written by Jim Parker who works for our partner Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in Australia. Jim has created a Top 10 list of excuses that we have all fallen victim to at some point while investing. Unfortunately, this list is not as funny as David’s nightly list used to be, but […]

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People walking across a jungle

Use a Guide in the Investment Jungle

We often help our clients through an array of situations that involve uncertainty resulting in fear.  They are aware that there are risks that could foil their success in achieving all that they want for themselves, their families, and their communities at large. However, most of the uncertainty is highlighted in two different risks that […]

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Why Nobody Wants to Be Wrong

Why Nobody Wants to Be Wrong

This post is written by Joni Clark who is the Chief Investment Officer at our partner Loring Ward.  As Chief Investment Officer of Loring Ward, she directs investment policy and portfolio management strategies for the company. She also chairs the company’s Investment Committee. Why do so many investors make decisions based upon emotional reactions to short-term […]

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The China Syndrome

This is a guest post from Jim Parker – Vice President of our partner Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).  He discusses the state of the Chinese stock market and economy.  Last week’s devaluing of their currency – the Yuan – has global investors worried.  Should they be? The recent severe volatility in China’s share markets has […]

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6 Ways a Financial Adviser Can Help You

Many may view the role of a financial adviser as one who has unique insights into the market to give their clients an advantage. However, that belief is far from the truth. An adviser has no way of knowing what will happen next in the investment markets, nor does anybody else. There is no crystal […]

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A water well

Surviving Money Droughts

In New Jersey, where I live, we are once again in a rain drought – an annual event for us. Thankfully we haven’t seen a similar drought in the stock market for several years. You need to plan for either kind of dry-up, whether as a gardener trying to save azaleas or an investor hoping to […]

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RadioShack sells Maker Faire tickets!

Don’t fall in love with individual companies

Don’t fall in love with individual companies that you partially own through the ownership of their stock shares. This concept is difficult for many investors as they exalt the benefits of a particular company’s product or service that they provide.  For example, they may discuss how a retailer is always crowded when they go to the store […]

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How we can help you as a behavioral financial advisor

I have worked as a financial advisor since 1996. But because the term financial advisor is widely used throughout the financial services industry including life insurance salespeople and stock brokers, most people who I talked to don’t fully understand what I do for my clients. There are two numbers that sum up what we do for […]

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Financial Adviser

Seven Ways to Fool Yourself

This article was written by Jim Parker who is a Vice President with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in Australia. Crimmins Wealth Management, LLC is a DFA NJ advisor. The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that nothing is as difficult for people as not deceiving themselves. But while most self-delusions are relatively costless, those relating to […]

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