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A Look at the Last Four Decades – Part 3 of 3

Forty years seem like a long time. This is the final post of 3-part series exploring the last four decades. We have arrived to discuss last year.  The last two weeks we published 2 posts covering these 4 years – Review of Years: 1975 & 1985  and Review of Years: 1995 & 2005 – in the context of […]

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we are the world

A Tale of Four Decades – 1975 & 1985 – Part 1 of 3

Forty years seem like a long time. As this new year begins, I wanted to look back over the last 40 years as a way of bringing perspective to what was happening around the world during these past four decades and specifically what happened in the stock market. I hope this historical perspective helps investors stay focused on the […]

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The more famous inventor Thomas Edison in the 1930s.

Lowell Wood – the quiet genius

Last month we had a post on the U.S. being the #1 country for innovation. You can read the post here: Keeping the Edge: US Innovation.  As a follow-up, this post will discuss the most prolific inventor that you likely have never heard of.  His name is Lowell Wood. Last July, Lowell Wood received his […]

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Honeybee 117

ROW 01 Podcast – Invest Like A Bee

This post is our 1st audio post on the Roots of Wealth channel.  We hope to incorporate this way of communicating more during the years to come.  Push the red play button to hear me read the post about how investors can learn a thing or two from my arch enemy – the bees.  The […]

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To Whom do you Listen to for Advice?

Who do you listen to when you are trying to determine what you should do with your money? It is a powerful question and the answer to the question will likely determine how well you will do financially. Do you listen to the talking heads on television such as Jim Cramer?  Do you watch one […]

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Evening, Toad

Will Fed Raise Interest Rates? Don’t Follow the Doomed Frogs

A couple of summers ago, my family was vacationing in Woodloch Springs in Hawley, Pennsylvania.  It happened to be a particularly hot stretch of summer weather.  It was stifling and they had to bring out cold cloths to the golfers to prevent them from being overwhelmed by the heat.  This allowed me to have yet another […]

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Service members unfurl flag at NY Jets first home game in new stadium

6 Keys to Investor Success – Now and Forever

I have season tickets to the New York Jets. Yes I know, an average year so far. But this post is not about the patience that is required to be both an investor as well as a Jet fan, but rather deals with the pregame entertainment that goes on at the beginning of every Jet home […]

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Wax Wizard of Oz

What can the Wizard of Oz teach us about Investing?

What can the Wizard of Oz teach us about investing? The Wizard of Oz is one of the most well-known films of all times.  I grew watching this iconic movie once a year on television which was a much-anticipated event for the entire family.  This movie has it all: singing, munchkins and flying monkeys.  And […]

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2008-05-10 New York 016 Museum of Modern Art, Olafur Eliasson, Take Your Time

Unsure What to Do?

Recently I celebrated a birthday, and although it was not a major milestone, it did give me the opportunity to reflect on my life and the things that are going on around me.  It has been a year of some unsettling moments, which, at times, have left me feeling a bit lost and sad. I […]

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U.S. Household Wealth At Record Highs

The negative headlines continue and Americans continue to express concern about the future.  The U.S. economy and world economies continue to struggle for growth and many households have seen little growth in their paychecks as a result.  And while it is understandable that investors are concerned (which is reflected in the recent global stock market declines), […]

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