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Service members unfurl flag at NY Jets first home game in new stadium

6 Keys to Investor Success – Now and Forever

I have season tickets to the New York Jets. Yes I know, an average year so far. But this post is not about the patience that is required to be both an investor as well as a Jet fan, but rather deals with the pregame entertainment that goes on at the beginning of every Jet home […]

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Wax Wizard of Oz

What can the Wizard of Oz teach us about Investing?

What can the Wizard of Oz teach us about investing? The Wizard of Oz is one of the most well-known films of all times.  I grew watching this iconic movie once a year on television which was a much-anticipated event for the entire family.  This movie has it all: singing, munchkins and flying monkeys.  And […]

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2008-05-10 New York 016 Museum of Modern Art, Olafur Eliasson, Take Your Time

Unsure What to Do?

Recently I celebrated a birthday, and although it was not a major milestone, it did give me the opportunity to reflect on my life and the things that are going on around me.  It has been a year of some unsettling moments, which, at times, have left me feeling a bit lost and sad. I […]

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U.S. Household Wealth At Record Highs

The negative headlines continue and Americans continue to express concern about the future.  The U.S. economy and world economies continue to struggle for growth and many households have seen little growth in their paychecks as a result.  And while it is understandable that investors are concerned (which is reflected in the recent global stock market declines), […]

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" Love is a flower you've got to let grow. "

10 Ideas all investors need to know to be a successful investor – #6 to 10

This post is a continuation of last week’s post dealing with the 10 ideas that all investors need to know to be a successful investor.  You can read the first post with items 1 to 5 by clicking here:  Ideas 1 to 5 to be a successful investor While the first five ideas dealt with […]

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Euphoric Rays of Silence

Should Investors Sell After a “Correction”?

Stock prices in markets around the world fluctuated dramatically for the week ended August 27, 2015. On Monday, August 24, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,089 points— a larger loss than the “Flash Crash” in May 2010—before rallying to close down 588.  Prices fell further on Tuesday before recovering sharply on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. […]

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"Inside Out" and Your Emotional Investing

“Inside Out” and Your Emotional Investing

The new movie from Pixar “Inside Out” is a wonderful film for all ages.  The story line focuses on the many emotions that play a part in one’s life. The story focuses on the turmoil of growing up for 11 year old Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a […]

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Ed Sullivan Theater - Late Show With David Letterman

Not the Traditional David Letterman “Top Ten” List

This guest post is written by Jim Parker who works for our partner Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in Australia. Jim has created a Top 10 list of excuses that we have all fallen victim to at some point while investing. Unfortunately, this list is not as funny as David’s nightly list used to be, but […]

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People walking across a jungle

Use a Guide in the Investment Jungle

We often help our clients through an array of situations that involve uncertainty resulting in fear.  They are aware that there are risks that could foil their success in achieving all that they want for themselves, their families, and their communities at large. However, most of the uncertainty is highlighted in two different risks that […]

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Why Nobody Wants to Be Wrong

Why Nobody Wants to Be Wrong

This post is written by Joni Clark who is the Chief Investment Officer at our partner Loring Ward.  As Chief Investment Officer of Loring Ward, she directs investment policy and portfolio management strategies for the company. She also chairs the company’s Investment Committee. Why do so many investors make decisions based upon emotional reactions to short-term […]

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