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Do You Have an Estate Plan? Here’s Why You Should

When people hear the phrase “estate plan”, they think that it is just for the very wealthy or elderly. But, it is not. Estate planning puts you in greater control of the financial and healthcare decisions that directly affect the lives of you and your family. An estate plan allows you to protect the assets that […]

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Feeling Unprepared for Retirement?

How can you go from feeling so certain that you are prepared, to feeling a bit panicked that you must have missed something? The week that I have been preparing for has finally arrived.  The big drop off at college for my youngest daughter Elizabeth.  The lists have been completed and I am confident that […]

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National Financial Advisor Week in New York Times Square

National Financial Advisor Week (NFAW) is an inaugural event that will be held from September Sept. 15th to the 19th in Times Square in New York City. The event which is hosted by Advice IQ will celebrate the work of financial advisors and promote the necessity of each American household having a financial advisor.  It will […]

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An Unexpected Retirement

Life is a journey and generally most things in life tend to progress as expected. Each transition is eagerly anticipated and the road has been somewhat paved for you. You graduate high school and eagerly wait to enter college. You graduate college and eagerly (or reluctantly) begin your first job. You fall in love. You […]

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Making Memories

There are certain times in your life that you know are important and strive to remember the moment and all of the emotions that you are feeling. I remember walking down the aisle to get married and consciously thinking “I need to remember this exact moment”. And I have. But other times, life seems to […]

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The Wealth Solution

Do you like magic? I have always been fascinated with magic tricks. The ability to move objects from one spot to another and retrieve it from the oddest places has always intrigued me. How do they do it?  There is a part of me that is uninterested in learning the trick. I just like to watch and […]

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Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day is the celebration of our country’s birthday! Our Declaration of Independence was a historical moment and one that is cherished and celebrated with picnics, barbeques, fireworks, hot dogs and apple pie! It is a great day to wear red, white and blue and to proudly wave the American flag. It is to not be […]

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Learning to say “NO”!

I remember going to the grocery store when my children were toddlers. You put them in the cart and hurry through the store to get all of the items you need as quickly as you can. And inevitably, as you are waiting on the check-out line, the candy display comes into focus for your chocolate-loving […]

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Are you Psychologically Prepared for Retirement?

You have done all the planning and your retirement is all accounted for financially. But have you taken the time to plan for how the changes will effect you psychologically when you transition into retirement? Most major life-changing events involve an ongoing process of emotional adjustment, and retirement is no exception. Retirees must face, what is essentially, […]

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Investors need to not fool themselves about the decisions that they make.

Seven Ways to Fool Yourself

There are many ways that we like to fool ourselves, generally as an act of self-perseverance. Sometimes it is just easier to believe those things that we choose to while ignoring those things that we rather not deal with. It is kind of like the elephant in the room…you know it’s there but it is easier […]

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