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We are here to help ease your retirement worries and allow you to focus on the things that matter to you.  We all tend to worry about different things in life. Whether it is about health, work, family or a relationship, taking the worry out of life seems impossible. Planning for your retirement should not […]

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2 Similar Commercials – Betfair Casinos and Interactive Broker

What do these two commercials from Betfair Casinos and Interactive Broker that recently aired in New Jersey have in common?  One promotes the ability for people to gamble from their homes as if they were at one of the failing Atlantic City casinos, and the other commercial promotes the ability for individual to actively trade stocks […]

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Jasper And The Washing Machine

How the Washing Machine Changed the World

This video post deals with the ever-improving world as told in a TED talk by Hans Rosling.  We posted this piece by Hans in 2014, and wanted to run it again to honor Hans as he passed away this month.  Hans Rosling was a Swedish doctor who transformed himself into a pop-star statistician by converting dry numbers into […]

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Happy Valentines Day!

 Valentine’s Day is a holiday marketed to all of those in love with the purchase of cards, flowers and candy.  But as the day is approaching, it makes me think about the meaning of love and how love actually is all around us. It is easy to feel sad on this day of love, especially if […]

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No One Likes to Be Stuck

One of the best reasons to watch the Super Bowl are the commercials.  And although this year’s Super Bowl commercials weren’t the best, the Ford commercial resonated with me. If you missed it, the song playing over the visuals of being stuck in many different ways was as follows: I wish I knew how it […]

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Our Longevity and Purchasing Power

Our Longevity and Purchasing Power

In ancient Roman times, there was an elder by the name of Cato who said:  Cessation of work is not accompanied by cessation of expenses  This applies today even more so than it did back then. Even if you were a member of the wealthy class during Roman times, the average life expectancy was age […]

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Countess Maria Zichy, painter, 1893-1962, standing beside portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Enjoy the Benefits of Financial Planning: Live Younger Next Year

You need to plan for a 3+ decade retirement.  This generally comes as a surprise to most people the first time they hear it, but modern medicine continues to extend people’s lives well beyond what their parents experienced.   As a reminder, the average non-smoking man and woman retiring at the U.S. average retirement age of […]

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2016 Stock Market Review

In 2016, the US stock market reached new highs and stocks in a majority of developed and emerging market countries delivered positive returns. The year began with anxiety over China’s stock market and economy, falling oil prices, a potential US recession, and negative interest rates in Japan. US equity markets were in steep decline and […]

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$10 bill proposal gilda radner

It’s Always Something … with market worries

Forever, investors have had to endure the latest headlines on how the stock market was going to go down because of whatever the crisis of the day was. Do you remember a year ago that the U.S. stock market as indicated by S&P 500 Index fell 8% over the first 10 trading sessions of 2016 […]

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Investment Whisperer – Behavioral Advisor

One of the best shows on television over the past decade and a Crimmins household favorite is the “Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Milan.  Cesar has an incredible way of training dogs.  New episodes of the television show aired between 2004 and 2012, and the show can now be found in syndication. Cesar found his current […]

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A Look Back at 2016

This guest post written by Weston Wellington who is a Vice President with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) captures the surprising year of 2016, and what lessons investors can learn from this year. Every year brings its share of surprises. But how many of us could have imagined that 2016 would see the Chicago Cubs win […]

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